Crystal Ball

What's coming up in Interior Design?  Trends come and go but style.....well that's eternal right?  Looking at what's happening in Milan we are drawn to warm colours, natural stone, cacti, curve shaped furniture, wicker, cordless lamps, black kitchens and portable lighting. Classic furniture pieces from Thonet bring a timeless appeal to any interior.  

With a lean toward terrazzo, velvet, ottomans, side tables, lamps, brass objects, handmade glazed ceramics, mouth-blown coloured vases and wooden vases,  we can't take our eyes of that crystal ball.  

It's all about how you use your colour, materials and design together.  There is no right or wrong!  if you don't like tangerine, try green.  We're seeing a lean towards interesting shades of sage, celery and avocado greens.  

These a few of our favourite things.  Break out into song just like Maria did as you design your way into interior heaven.