8 ways to incorporate 2019’s curvy interior trend

It’s official – curves are in!

Move over squares and rectangles; this year is set to embrace the softness of round mirrors, light fittings, rugs – even beds – in interiors. According to Pinterest, searches for round décor have increased by 135% over the last few months, and round furniture searches are up 100% in Australia alone!

So, why all this sudden interest in curves?

Scientists have an explanation. Curves and round shapes provide balance and harmony, acting as a calming element to a home’s traditionally solid, angular structure. These softer shapes are great at connecting elements in a space.

That is why we’ve come up with our top picks to help you introduce this curvy trend into your own home.



Arguably the easiest way to soften a space, round mirrors are an incredibly chick and practical addition. Not only will they introduce instant softness, they’re also great for making a room feel bigger and bouncing light around the space. Choose a frameless design or opt for a modest gold frame.

Bathroom basin

Bathroom trends may be heading towards rigid angles and structured lines, but a round bathroom basin may be just what your bathroom needs to transform it into a soft and tranquil space. Take the Bowl Basin from Nood Co (pictured above) – its feminine curves and soft pastels fuse together to create the perfect understated addition.

bar carts.PNG

Bar cart

Bar carts are all the rage right now (a trend that doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon). They’re also super practical and can be a quick way to introduce an element of sophistication into your space. A glitzy round bar cart with its gleaming gallery rails and mirrored shelf will have your living room exuding a Great Gatsby vibe in no time – and you don’t have to limit it to alcohol displays, either.

coffee table.jpg

Coffee table

Of course no round décor list would be complete without a coffee table. A round coffee table will always make a living room feel more casual and relaxed than a rectangular table in the same space. From glass and wood to wicker and brass, there is bound to be a material and design to fit your current living room-scape.



Who said rugs had to be rectangular? The round La Quinta from Art Hide is equal parts symmetrical, minimal and classical. In other words, this rug ticks all the interior boxes, and its stunning luxuriousness will have you and your guests admiring it for years to come.


Sound system

Your home theatre system may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing trendy curves for your interior – yet it may be one of the coolest curvy choices you bring home. For example, the perfectly circular Beosound Edge from Bang & Olufsen may be one of the most unique speaker designs we have ever come across (and judging from their reputation, the sound quality is likely second to none).


Kitchen rangehood

Upgrading your kitchen? This is one area in the house that is notorious for angles and rectangles. I mean, with all those cupboards and waterfall island bench tops, it can be easy to forget to soften the space. A cylindrical rangehood could be the perfect solution.



Last, but certainly not least is the things that hang from your ceiling and produce artificial light. Like coffee tables, there is an almost endless variety of gorgeous, trendy lighting options out there – so finding a curvy number that suits your style and existing décor is bound to be a breeze.