Interior feels: March is all about neutral tones

This month, we wanted to get up close and personal with upcoming design trends. Our March feels is all about colour or, more specifically, muted colour and neutrals: think earthy tones, off-whites and shades of green.

Nude tones, mushroom greys, hazelnut browns and rusty coppers create a sense of simplicity and calmness, while green pairs perfectly with these earthy hues. Whilst using beige and nude shades, we can appreciate the fall and texture of the fabrics rather than the bold use of colour. They’re also timeless, making them the perfect choice for longevity.

Curated by our very own designer Cetti Germano, here are our top picks for celebrating these neutral hues this March.

coffee table.PNG

Bow coffee table from ClassiCon

Marrying polished glass with solid brass, this coffee table is contemporary yet elegant. Inspired by 1970s lines and designs, the glass covered tabletop floats above a base with rounded edges to create a statement without the use of bold colour.


Bauer chandelier 01 from Jason Miller

Jason Miller’s chandelier is a pendant fixture made of stacked, concentric clusters of handblown tubular glass in bronze and white. The glass fades from dark to light, producing an surreal atmospheric effect.


Harvey sofa from Grazia & co

Whether you’re into red wine or hot chocolate, this sofa is guaranteed to provide the perfect setting. Its curved arms further soften the overall look of the deep brown leather to create a unique balance between comfort and on-trend style.


S 533 cantilever chair from Thonet

Elegant curved steel tubes meet the velvety warmth of nubuck leather to create a striking piece of furniture that defines the surrounding space.


Spreckels rug from Jardan

Playfully raw with a touch of elegance, Spreckels is handcrafted from a pure silk ground with wool freckles. The result is a stunning monochromatic texture that completes a living space.


Sun and Sand artwork from Rebecca Jones

Bare walls are never on trend. This understated artwork from Rebecca Jones may just be the missing piece to complete a neutral palette.


Talisman sconce from Apparatus

Taking inspiration from statues from the ancient city of Persepolis, the Talisman lamp features semi-precious stones of earthy tones and muted greens fixed to leather-bound brass structures to create a rich ambience.


Spanish chair from Great Dane

Strong and masculine in character, quality leather and oak ensure that the chair ages gracefully and remains timeless while the distinctive broad armrests are both beautiful and practical.