6 storage ideas that would make Marie Kondo proud

Tidying expert Marie Kondo has revolutionised the concept of organisation, taking the world by storm with both her best-selling book and recent Netflix series. And it’s easy to see why. Her method for decluttering is simple: Keep only the objects that “spark joy”, discard or donate the rest and then, finally, find a space to store each remaining item.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when tidying is that they spend so much effort storing things that they may no longer even want or need. Remember, you don’t actually need another drawer for items that will never see the light of day.

So, in the Marie Kondo spirit, we’ve rounded up our favourites that will send you on your way to storage greatness (no impulse buys allowed!).


Open shelf bookcase

Marie Kondo’s advise may be to not hoard books, but we all know that bookshelves are not reserved exclusively for storing books. This metal and glass shelving unit from IKEA is perfect for displaying books alongside plants, photos and other trinkets (the ones that bring you joy of course, as Kondo would say). Stack two side by side to create a standout feature wall.


Round wall hooks

So stylish and so minimalist, round wall hooks are the ideal addition for incorporating the current round trend while adding storage options to your home. Whether you choose original oak or embrace a brighter pop of colour, Muuto's popular The Dots wall hooks offer a delightful way to hang your clothes, bags, towels and accessories – you decide what and where!


Office desk with drawers

When it comes to setting up your office space, having the right furniture for a productive work session is key. This means documents should be sorted and easy to find, while your desk is practical, comfortable and free of clutter. This Wyatt desk from Freedom not only pairs stunning sheesham timber with industrial-chic steel legs – it also includes a generously sized set of drawers to help you keep clutter to a minimum.


Seagrass belly baskets

You can’t go wrong with a couple of wicker or straw baskets. Light and foldable yet strong and durable, seagrass belly baskets are arguably one of the most versatile storage solutions out there. Use these to store anything from plants and cushions to spare bed sheets and kid’s toys – they are perfect for every corner of the house!


Decorative ladder

Storage solutions don’t have to eat into the savings account. Take this simple decorative ladder from Target, for example. Featuring five rails and anti-slip feet, it makes displaying towels, throws or even heels neatly an absolute breeze. And it comes in both black and white. Simple!


Pop-up storage coffee table

I’m a big sucker for dual purpose furniture. Furniture that looks trendy but also sneaks some very practical storage space in. One section of this coffee table from West Elm is an open shelf with a marble top – while the other side pops out for some quick stashing.