7 ways to create an Easter inspired interior

Easter isn’t just about fluffy bunnies or chocolate overdoses – and colourful Easter egg wrappers shouldn’t be the extend of your Easter décor. The holiday’s signature whimsy and pastel palette can be a great way to freshen up your interior.

Check out these Easter-inspired interiors and rethink your stance on this holiday’s signature style. Fluffy bunnies not included.

pastel wall.png

If you’re used to white walls and strictly neutral hues, embracing pastels may seem impossible. However, these muted colours can do wonders in transforming a living area into a welcoming, soothing retreat – so don’t restrict them to nurseries or kid’s playrooms!


Invest in pastel-coloured throw pillows or opt for a new set of bed sheets. Slowly introducing these hues into your space can help you work up to a more daring interior without completely drowning out your existing style.

dining table.PNG

Organic curves are so in right now – and what a more fitting time to introduce some curves into your interior than for the Easter holiday? Anything from large furniture items such as poufs, coffee tables, dining tables (like the one we highlighted in our last post) to smaller décor like table lamps and even egg-shaped paper weights can bring on that Easter feel.

shag rug.jpg

There’s no need for fluffy bunnies when you have woolly throws, fluffy pillows and shaggy rugs to decorate your living space. Mix and match to create luxurious texture that can be enjoyed all year round.

For an elevated Easter brunch or dinner party, choose a pastel colour and allow it to dictate your tablescape – like this elegant pastel pink runner paired with pink and white blooms.

Okay, maybe there is a bunny mention – but this one is an exception, I promise! It’s not made of chocolate, and it’s so stylish it can adorn your walls for years to come. Wall prints with rabbits can be very trendy – this limited edition print from Victorian artist Donna Taylor is the perfect example.


Update your exposed shelving to reflect the Easter holiday. Mix and match egg-shaped objects with other décor pieces to create a festive atmosphere without going overboard - you can even keep it monochrome for a classy look.