June is all about Australian makers and designers

You don’t need to travel to Milano’s Design Fair to discover premium furniture and accessories – this month’s feels are all about local makers and designers. Everything featured on our list is also manufactured right here on your doorstep. Not only does this curated selection support local brands, it’s bound to establish a unique and luxurious feel in any home.


Ceramic wares by Tantri Mustika

Melbourne-based Tantri Mustika specialises in light-hearted and colourful hand-built ceramics. These ceramic planters incorporate a modern spin on traditional terrazzo tiling, applied to bespoke functional forms making terrazzo adaptable to everyday life. Each and every piece is fashioned in small batches, ensuring each creation is unique in both pattern and colour.


Scandal pendant by Articolo

Notable for its barrel-like cuff and inlaid with exquisite antique brass mesh (or latte leather), Scandal pendants cast a slim and finely considered silhouette. Its elongated proportions are capped end-to-end by rounded glass that conceals the light source, exemplifying the quiet brilliance of artisanal glass and metalwork, while the handwoven mesh wraps around the rounded glass tube to conceal the LED light. Golden rings on each end of the mesh bring out the brass sheen and the tube glows outwards from the centre.


“Martin” painting by Emily Persson

Emerging Victorian artist Emily Persson draws on the inspiration from 19th Century impressionism to create captivating Australian landscapes and still life. She uses her great grandmother’s palette knife to produce a beautiful moody palette of thick, textured art – like this painting, titled “Martin”.


Bedlinen by Cultiver

Carefully woven and stonewashed for softness, Cultiver linen sheets embrace quality and timelessness in their understated shades and patterns. Made from 100% linen woven from European flax, Cultiver incorporates an enzyme wash to accelerate the softening process that natural comes with every wash – ensuring their linen has a vintage feel from the very first use.


Attalos table lamp by Marz Designs

The Attalos table lamp is a classical and sculptural LED light machined from solid brass. Inspired by the fluted columns of Ancient Greece, the table light features a delicate frosted globe supported by a heavy weighted brass base. Its timeless architectural aesthetic ensure that it will suit any style of interior.


“Landlock” painting by Martine Emdur

Martine Emdur has the ability to capture an ethereal world of water, light and human form. Sensual, beautiful, and deliciously evocative, Martine’s “Landlock” work is the perfect foil from the modern world.


Hoshi bench by Sheehan Studio

Featuring an elegant minimalist design inspired by Japanese aesthetics, the Hoshi bench comes in a construction of solid American Ash, Walnut or Oak. The American Ash version can be finished in a natural finish or Japanese Black stain, and the bench can be customised to include a luxurious upholstered or leather seat pad.


Australian native hardwood objects by Jo Wilson

Inspired by the industrial landscape of her father’s injection moulding factory, Jo Wilson sculpts unique, limited edition reclaimed Australian native hardwood stools and objects. Exploring the changes and processes inherent in timber, her pared back pieces bring warmth to interior spaces and are thoughtfully handcrafted to bring out the beauty found in raw natural materials.