4 Reasons to add linen to your interior this winter

It’s official – Australia has a serious crush on linen (not just the fleeting summer romance kind either). Whether it’s clothing, bed covers, throws or cushions, linen is having an extended moment in the limelight in both fashion and interiors. And it’s easy to see why: good-quality linen never goes out of style. So, even though the cooler weather is well and truly upon us, there’s no reason to bypass this interior addition. If you haven’t already, here are a few great reasons to include linen in your winter décor.



Moth-resistant, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly – linen ticks all the boxes for a modern household. It’s also naturally thermoregulating, which means that it’ll wick away moisture in the warmer months and insulate against the cold in winter.

And just like a good wine, the world’s oldest fabric only gets better with age. Rather than break down, linen fibres simply soften every time they’re washed. Not only is linen uber practical for interior use, it will last for years and look and feel better over time. What’s not to love about that?!



Texture is the food of a well-balanced interior. Linen’s nubbly surface and crumpled appearance offer two ways to add texture and visual interest. While wrinkles can generally make a space look worn and unkempt – the opposite is true when the material in question is linen.

So, it’s okay skip the ironing when it comes to linen bed sheets – those crinkles are perfect for creating that cosy, lived-in look that’s both inviting and elegant (and great for winter chills by the fireplace or TV).



Working with the beauty and texture of natural fabrics like linen can be a great way to add interest and style to a tired interior. But some people think that linen is just for – well, bed linen, which is so far from the truth. While linen may have originally been reserved for towels, tablecloths and sheets, it now looks at home on anything from cushions and curtains to couches and even carpets.

While linen may work best in a design scheme where this relaxed look is emphasised, almost every interior can benefit from adding linen. Whether it’s puddled on the floor with oversized curtains or thrown lazily over a bed, linen is a flexible material that can be paired with your existing style.



When it comes to colour, linen is commonly associated with neutral tones in the form of cream, sand and ivory. While these are classic options (and for good reason), there are plenty of ways to introduce a little more colour to an interior with linen. Deeper shades of navy, plum or charcoal combined with thick knitted throws or plush fur cushions are a great way to add both colour and the natural allure of linen to a wintry interior.

If you prefer to keep it natural, an alternative is to pair beige linen with an attention-grabbing combination of rich velvet or brilliant gold. The sobriety of linen will balance out the richness of a more opulent material to create the ideal match.