July: Mid year inspiration from Mid Century design

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?! This midpoint has us thinking about all wonderful attributes that the Mid Century Modern style has brought to the design world; clean lines, gentle organic curves and natural materials that come together to create a coveted timeless style.


Mid century modern house

The seamless integration of natural stone and sunflower yellow paint reaffirm the connection to the home’s surrounding natural environment. The large glass windows and natural tones exemplifies the harmonious union of nature and the human-built environment.


Decorating with plants

Introducing plants to mid-century interiors may seem a challenge as nature tends to be wild and unplanned – a stark contrast to the often clean lines of mid century design. However, plants are a vital element to connecting the indoors with nature. Certain varieties, such as fiddle leaf figs and snake plants, are not only low maintenance, they’re also generally less chaotic growers which can enhance the mid-century aesthetic of clean lines and understated elegance.


Tiled coffee table from Dream Green DIY

A distinctive mid-century palette of vintage brown tiles come together with simple timber angles to create a wonderfully streamlined coffee table that is both classic and contemporary.


Private commissioned paintings by Bobby Clark

Combining meticulous hand rendered geometric compositions with a beautifully muted colour palette, Bobby Clark’s artworks explore symmetry and balance in a minimal form – and provide a subtle yet symbolic mid-century addition to any home.


Jube table lamp from Vistosi

Two delicately blown glass units placed side by side come together to create a unique piece exuding vintage charm. Available in characteristically mid-century colours of smoky, burnt earth, antique green, crystal, the Jube table lamp is equal parts practical and alluring.


Clay Square tiles from Urban Edge Ceramics

Aptly named “Earth”, these stunning square cut tile mosaics feature a colour palette of textured whites with varying shades of brown. The hand-glazed terracotta tiles instantly imbue warm earth tones with a nod to mid-century style.


Unfired sculpture by Jane McKenzie

Sydney-based artist Jane McKenzie uses slab-building techniques along with a restricted palette of white and black glazes or surface finishes to turn terracotta clay into bespoke understated forms of art.


Multicolour Grigio Terrazzo from Cerdomus Tile Studio

Featuring aggregates of beige, terracotta and black that contrast with a stormy grey cement, this exquisite terrazzo creates a bold and graphic appearance that brings authentic mid-century charm to any interior. Made in Italy using the finest raw materials, the multi-coloured combination of stone, marble and cement creates an effortless revival of the polished and distinctive visual texture that made terrazzo famous.