August inspiration from the 7 elements of interior design

The dictionary defines an element as an essential part of something abstract – the most basic form of any larger entity. And while each interior may be designed to a variety of palettes, styles and silhouettes, the overall designs are based on a series of core elements – 7 to be precise. This month is all about how these crucial elements – namely space, line, form, light, colour texture and pattern – inspire and guide us in our interior design journey.

Bell Table by The Wood Room

Inspired by the simple concept of bringing people together, the circular, uncomplicated shape reflects this almost primal gathering. The perfect symmetry continues with the rounded base which is handcrafted from solid timber. The unique sculpted end product is both visually interesting and practically inconspicuous.


Celosia breeze blocks designed by Patricia Urquiola

A sidestep from typical two-dimensional wall coverings, Celosia breeze blocks introduce an unexpected design element with their unique three-dimensional shape. Crafted from natural terracotta, the unstructured, deconstructed bricks produce dynamic and reinvented partitions with a touch of traditional.


Togo sofa by Ligne Roset

Since its fruition on the 70s, the Togo collection has been one of the world’s most iconic and recognisable furniture styles. A true statement piece, the Togo sofa is a timeless interior addition that marries exceptional design with an ergonomic element; the multiple density polyether foam produces a product that is both visually attractive and physically inviting. 


Mquan Half Circle wall sconce by Allied Maker

A mouth-blown glass globe sits flush on a carefully hand-painted stoneware backplate. The result is a collaborative work of handcrafted ceramic details and meticulous engineering – a modern reincarnation of an ancient depiction of a rising sun.


“Intertwined” artwork by Emma Cutrie

Emma Cutrie’s work is a celebration of the strength and power of women. Intertwined blends the beauty of the female form with clean, geometric shapes and a muted oil palette of nudes and earthy greens to produce an artwork that celebrates raw femininity.


Powder room basin featured in the Bellevue Hill House by Decus Interiors

Rich and detail-focussed, the powder room in this Bellevue Hill home is anything but ordinary. The brilliant hues of the Cipollino marble slab, elegantly curved and polished Vola tapware and textured blush leather tile come together to form an absolutely exquisite feature in a traditionally overlooked space.

Unglazed tiles FL005 by Tiles of Ezra

Handmade in Morocco using traditional and age-old techniques, the FL005 unglazed tiles are a modern rendition of an ethnic classic. The result is a statement of clean, modern lines laced with sumptuous Moroccan references with the focus on colour and texture derived from the pure, raw materials.


Net table by Moroso

A low-lying form of cylinders and discs, the Net table has been designed around the concept of a crack. Made from laser-cut carbon steel in a powder coated paint, it can either block the gaze or let it through, seem light or solid, blend into its surroundings or stand out depending on the observer’s perspective – the Net table is a visual allure to say the least.