Our Team

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Mandy Meuwissen

With over 15 years of interior design experience, Mandy has built a strong reputation within the design industry. Her involvement in diverse projects across all aspects of design gives her the ability to adapt to project constraints and achieve the perfect result, every time.

Her grounded approach to client relationships ensures the studio is an approachable environment to discuss design briefs and develop an interior specifically tailored to the client and their lifestyle.

With a strong focus on sustainable design, she loves to base her work on a neutral pallet of natural stone, timber veneers, speciality paints and selected pieces that create a well resolved, calm interior.

When she is not obsessing over the latest interior trends out of Milan she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

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Senka Sestan
Senior Interior architect

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture, and Bachelor of Planning and Design, from Melbourne University, Senka went on an overseas trip that lasted 12 years.

During this time she gained experience working on various multi-use projects in Europe, gaining valuable design insight -particularly in retail and residential design.

Upon returning to Melbourne, she rediscovered her love for interior design and prides herself on her skills for creating beautiful and functional spaces that are as individual as each of her clients.

She believes in designing with longevity, creating beautiful solutions that make sense.

A lover of practical luxury, she believes every design element needs to have a purpose.

When she's not working, she may be laughing at British and Irish stand -up comedy, on a leisurely bike ride, or making friends a coffee with her difficult, but shiny La Pavoni.

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Alex Shimmin
Senior interior stylist

Alex has practised as an Interior Stylist, Interior Decorator and Visual Merchandiser in Melbourne for the past 13 years.

Alex’s interior style is an extremely unique blend of laid-back functionality and the contemporary trend-setting of the Melbourne design scene.

Alex champions design that will stand the test of time. She feels that creativity begins with a blank canvas and loves to decorate with colour while bringing the outdoors in.

Bright, colourful spaces and eclectic collections of art and objects are what Alex is all about.

Artists that she gains inspiration from are Jai Vasicek, Brent Rosenberg, Lamai Anne, Lisa La Pointe, Lucas Grogan, and Antionette Ferwerda.

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Annaliese Edwards
Interior Designer

Annaliese has a sharp eye for all things beautiful. Interior Design is and always has been Annaliese’s passion.

Her relaxed demeanour often lends itself to a well thought out and considered design approach, which has resulted in a portfolio of varying styles of interior design.

Her interest and talent in the field of visual arts assist Annaliese in creating new and innovative concepts. She brings a fresh approach to design, priding herself on her ability to create unique environments that are specific to each individual client’s brief.

Annaliese likes to go above and beyond her client’s expectations, whilst focusing on the importance of building strong client relationships.

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Cetti Germano
Interior Designer

Cetti loves everything to do with colour, pattern and texture.

She is passionate about design and enjoys delving through our libraries, contemplating all possible combinations to deliver our clients a home that is on-trend but specific to them.

She loves pushing the boundaries and helping clients see what can be achieved when design takes a creative approach.

Cetti takes pleasure in discovering new materials and has an incredible appetite for introducing them into her projects just the right way.

For her, It's important that NO project is ever the same.

Cetti also loves music, especially the Blues.