6 last minute Christmas decorations for the interior savvy

Christmas may be the most exciting time of the year, but this also means it’s one of the busiest. Between gift buying, party planning and work deadlines, transforming your home into a festive fiesta may be the last thing on your mind.

So, with less than two weeks to go until Christmas, here are some great ideas for infusing a little Christmas spirit into your home (without the design butchery).


“Understated glam” palette

Who said red and green had to feature in your Christmas décor? Combine gold with a neutral palette of whites and creams to create a soft and inviting look. The hints of glitter and bling will still maintain that festive vibe while keeping the space classy.

An understated application of fairy lights can be all you need.

An understated application of fairy lights can be all you need.

Glamorous golden lights

Step aside tacky rainbow lights! If you want Christmas lighting that will complement almost any existing décor, opt for fairy lights with a golden glow. Whether they feature warm yellow light or dainty copper string, these babies are ideal for creating a holiday ambience (not to mention the perfect “wine on the couch” mood). So, don’t restrict them to the Christmas tree!


Modern holiday décor

While there’s always room for nana’s woven Christmas stockings, you can reduce the overall tackiness of classic Christmas décor by pairing them with modern renditions. Think asymmetrical Christmas wreaths, geometric tree ornaments or even a letterboard with a cheeky Christmas message.

Christmas dinner for two?

Christmas dinner for two?

Festive table setup

If you’re hosting this year’s Christmas dinner or lunch, go a little fancy with your table settings. From golden cutlery and shiny candle holders to napkins decorated with gum leaves and lush garlands on the table, the possibilities for upping the dinner décor are almost endless. Then you can sneak in the plastic champagne flutes and melamine plates and nobody will even notice!


Green wrapping

Whether you literally spruce up your gift wrapping with leaves, jute ribbons and brown paper or opt to wrap your presents in cute patterned tea towels, one thing’s for sure: you will not only wow your gift recipients but also help reduce the strain on the environment (which is especially great with the amount of waste created at this time of year).

No console? No problem! Create a floor or ladder vignette instead.

No console? No problem! Create a floor or ladder vignette instead.

Christmas vignette

Have a few holiday trinkets that you can’t seem to place? Why not utilise an existing hallway console table or some overhead shelving to create a Christmas vignette feature? It will be totally in the holiday spirit and you can mix existing décor with some more festive ornaments such as pine cones in a glass coche, seasonally-scented candles (because your interior should look and smell festive) or even a bowl of baubles.