Christmas Home

Christmas is our favourite time of year as it brings the chance to transform your home into a creative haven.  You don't have to spend a lot to get your Christmas cheer on.  Get out you paper, scissors and branches  ( rocks are not what we are going for here ) and transform your interior.

Sit down with a drink of whatever makes you happy and friends that do the same.  Get off social media and into doing, seeing and connecting with your inner creative.  

Its so heart warming each year to unpack the decorations to find hand made objects amongst the trimmings.  You can add new designs to your Christmas decor stockpile every year and enjoy the process that goes along with transforming your home.   

Use your favourite colour or follow the key trends in what's going down with interiors in 2018.  Popular accent colours are black forest, emerald green and watermelon red.  Both geometric and organic shapes are everywhere in interiors right now.  What’s really hot: Warm colours, natural stone, cacti, curved shapes, wicker, and cord.  

Being authenitc and courageious is its own reward.  I can't say it more simply than that!  Merry Chirstmas and have a wonderful silly season.

We've collated some ideas below to get you started.  


Source: Concept DCF