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August inspiration from the 7 elements of interior design

The dictionary defines an element as an essential part of something abstract – the most basic form of any larger entity. And while each interior may be designed to a variety of palettes, styles and silhouettes, the overall designs are based on a series of core elements – 7 to be precise. This month is all about how these crucial elements – namely space, line, form, light, colour texture and pattern – inspire and guide us in our interior design journey.

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May feels straight from Milan Design Week

This month’s feels come to you from one of the edgiest events in the world of design; that is the Milan Design Week 2019, or Salone del Mobile, as they say in Italian.

The fair transforms the city into an exhilarating array of events and exhibitions premiering the latest design trends for the forthcoming year, while luxurious furniture designers introduce their new collections.

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6 storage ideas that would make Marie Kondo proud

Tidying expert Marie Kondo has revolutionised the concept of organisation, and it’s easy to see why. Her method for decluttering is simple: Keep only the objects that “spark joy”, discard or donate the rest and then, finally, find a space to store each remaining item. So, in the Marie Kondo spirit, we’ve rounded up our favourites that will send you on your way to storage greatness.

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